Art Breathes Life

I’ve heard the whispers that writing poetry is a waste of time. There are parents who see no benefit to a child involved in dancing. Some frown on learning an instrument as they lack confidence of a future in the… Read More ›

The Dance

The Dance When they came to pick me to dance, Was when the drums began to beat!? When it was my turn to rejoice Was when it was right for me to celebrate!? The broom tackles the dusty ground, And… Read More ›

Dance with Me Daddy

Dance with Me Daddy She´d lie in bed & hear the old cranked gramophone playing, On creeping down the stairs, she´d watch them softly swaying, Daddy held mummy & danced her around with such tender love, To romantic tunes, swirling… Read More ›

Slow Dance Me

Slow Dance Me My life on earth is near on done, so please, Slow dance me through the corridors of time, Through mists where the satin moths waltz, Tiptoe me through forests where Druids gather, Where I can hear the… Read More ›

Tomorrow’s Song

Tomorrow’s Song As twilight begins The birds frolic in the air One last time They take flight And dance across the sky Singing the melody it will soon be night They swoop Circle and glide In the last of today’s… Read More ›

Fire Music

Fire Music Do not hesitate To join in this dance. Ripples in a flame Are swirling vertically, Each a strand (Intertwined by Several other strands) Dancing, (Do now transform Your frame) Into the embodiment Of re-invention, Of rediscovery, Of recreation…. Read More ›

Sour Notes

Excerpt from “CrossRhodes” by Author Lindsey F. Rhodes Sour Notes Circa ’79 a movement surfacing from the underground Rhythmic four beat counts emerging with this new sound Boom boxes, graffiti, tagging, to that b-boy stance Countless battles ensuing on who… Read More ›