Raven – Author Sue Lobo

Guardian of the tower, clad in cemetery´s onyx plumes, Meandering beneath the stars upon boned marble tombs, Encased in midnight mantles spun by misty spiders looms, Feathers kissed by arrows, shot from silver ancient moons, Serenading long-gone spirits with your… Read More ›

Shadows – Author Sue Lobo

  Go darting, tripping, creeping & slyly peeping, In sunlight, following, where shade is swallowing, From womb times, celebrated & timely meeting, And since then, go around every corner greeting. Gaily growing in childhood´s playful daily capers, Stalking adolescence, sulky,… Read More ›

Graveyard Poetry

Now that Halloween is over, we’ll probably not see any more poems about the dark and morbid right? Absolutely incorrect! Our pain and scars can be riddled with darkness. Some of our most traumatic events are morbid in our eyes…. Read More ›

Human Condition

The creaking, shuffling, wobbling & bumbling, The expulsion of air from orifices grumbling, The dribbling idiocy of those slips, rips & blips, All those secret unseen places losing their drips, The scaling, the balding, the yellow-hard nailing, The gummy toothless… Read More ›


Moulded & formed in flesh, bloodily & intricately boned, Drawn, drafted, designed & by God´s finger, finely honed, Or perhaps by the big bang, or could be by Darwin´s words, Maybe we once were Neanderthals, great apes or even birds…. Read More ›