Death has put many in debt another vile transaction to prey on the distraught with the need to immortalize the shell loved ones leave behind In mahogany caskets lined in silk dressed in Sunday’s best for the living to shed… Read More ›


We´re bound to this materialistic universe by ecoplasmic sperm, We´re Tied to this planet by umbilical love, secure & so very firm, At birth wrapped tight in swaddling to keep us safe, snug & warm, Held within our mother´s arms,… Read More ›

Send Me a Sign

As you laid there dying, were you scared? Or were you ready, with no cares, no fear? I have to believe you were faithful, as you used to be. Always saying God would embrace you; and love you eternally. Your… Read More ›

The Tomb

Prone, lying within my final tomb, Ensconced in earth´s warm dark womb, This serene, quiet place, my final bed, Where at last I can lay my wary head. Upon my stone, a single raven´s plume, Upon night´s mantle, plaintive owl´s… Read More ›

The Gods Look Down

Bloated hungered stomachs burst, As unquenched lands die of thirst, In the circle of life; what comes first? The new-born-babe or the corpse in its hearse? The Gods look down with knowing eyes, Jesus frowns & Buddha sadly sighs, The… Read More ›

Wrap Me

In my loneliness God, I ask only to be, Held close to you, so please enfold me, Wrap me in love, in strong gentle arms, Swathe me in silk-worms subtle charms. Wreathe me in smiles of sleepy babes, Swirl me… Read More ›

The Last Dance

The Last Dance The old man took his wife´s dusty hand in his & said, “Don´t weep my love, I am by your side & always will be, so please don´t cry.” She saw her husband through tears of misty… Read More ›


Death The eagle called her name & she flew, To where Summer winds & sweet breezes blew, Donning the sky´s mantle of gentle blue, And bonnet of the sun´s golden hue, Just a footstep left in the morning dew, Away… Read More ›