Self Discovery

Searching for purpose in life’s agreements Expecting great things to unfold along this journey Lessons learned each and every day Faith keeping me alive, holding my hand along the way Day in and day out I find reasons to be… Read More ›


Desire My mind body and spirit are connected to you I crave you like something sweet to eat Sex magic, tantra, and sacred sexuality, Ripple through my body like a strong current in a wave Desire flows through me, as… Read More ›

Coffee Eyes

Coffee Eyes Morning rotation Open eyes slowly Mind rolls in from dreams Thankful acknowledgement of being Looking into the wisdom of her heart I sip on those coffee eyes A little cream with two sugars for the right flavor Deep,… Read More ›

A Call Decision

Excerpt from Journey To The Poetic Light A Call Decision A thinking act Not known or unknown Mystery played to chance and destiny Caste on the waters of faith Sweet to taste and quenching a thirst that Lingers from broken… Read More ›

The Midnight Sky

Excerpt from “Echoes And Consequences” The Midnight Sky The full moon was in all its glory Painting affection-lit thoughts onto the blank skies; A springtime breeze moving crazy with the scent of emotions… blazing passion and chasing tranquility. A surge… Read More ›