Intimate Moments

Leveled plains of respect and love Offer us to step outside of our self-concern. Vulnerability is not a display of weakness but a Extension of courage to meet in intimacy. When I stand in front of you, I am granted… Read More ›

Love Letters

Love Letters The genesis of innocence by happenstance Timid in the approach; shall we dance Time stood still in that moment Consequences were to soon come; how to atone for it? Years passed by with such regret Sent out letters… Read More ›


Excerpt from our book “Unleashed” Dawn At times it is not words but moments that speak to you with light, embrace you with golden ray, touching beneath your flesh pulling back the haze. As you slept my love, I watched… Read More ›


Excerpt from our book “Unleashed” Unleashed Unleash the rains and wash away the pain Of watching her fall for someone less Than worthy of her kiss. How could he but reminisce? The sun’s rays quickly ascend As they bed the… Read More ›