Today is Me

Today is Me Knowing that I have been gifted My mind is confused and drifting Working to understand the strife That continues to hinder my life I desire to be compassionate on understanding But people can be mean and damning… Read More ›


Illumination Rays of light Cast away darkness Shadows departing As light penetrates the soul Illusions fall away To heightened consciousness Remembering my birth design I am the light . . . Illumination my birth right. © Raja Williams Excerpt from… Read More ›

Self Discovery

Searching for purpose in life’s agreements Expecting great things to unfold along this journey Lessons learned each and every day Faith keeping me alive, holding my hand along the way Day in and day out I find reasons to be… Read More ›

Cerebral Wildness

Excerpt from Journey To The Poetic Light Cerebral Wildness Oxymoronic To the edge of darkness In the landscape of the imagination Thoughts birthed to grow and form Where monsters sometime hide And demons whisper Brilliant ideas, images of death But… Read More ›