In the Moment

In the Moment In moments of silence I remember your whispers in my ear Feeling the warmth of your words Upon the release of your spoken breath In moments of reflection I remember your touch How the rhythm of your… Read More ›


Collide There is no music Just beauty Flowing peacefully out of you and me In the quiet darkness. Love like ours cannot again be harvested by anyone else. We are bodies plush The aroma of this love sifts through the… Read More ›


Desire My mind body and spirit are connected to you I crave you like something sweet to eat Sex magic, tantra, and sacred sexuality, Ripple through my body like a strong current in a wave Desire flows through me, as… Read More ›

Cerebral Wildness

Excerpt from Journey To The Poetic Light Cerebral Wildness Oxymoronic To the edge of darkness In the landscape of the imagination Thoughts birthed to grow and form Where monsters sometime hide And demons whisper Brilliant ideas, images of death But… Read More ›