Be Still

In the silence Hear me Hear the wind In the sway of the trees In the silence Smell me Blowing in the wind The scent of the forest in the air In the silence Feel me As your feet stand… Read More ›

God’s Breath

God’s Breath With the rise and fall of every breath I become centered The wind around each heart beat Pulls me closer . . . Feeling Gods presence within each breath His breath becomes mine His light fills me Making… Read More ›


Illumination Rays of light Cast away darkness Shadows departing As light penetrates the soul Illusions fall away To heightened consciousness Remembering my birth design I am the light . . . Illumination my birth right. © Raja Williams Excerpt from… Read More ›

The Third Eye

The Third Eye Aloft the accustomed sight, it is an undefined segment of arcane vision… Beyond any general perception, it is the Empowerment of inner spirit Farther than knowledge, it is a mystique virtue of knowing the unknowns, Leading the… Read More ›