Broken Mirrors

Shards of glass hold fragmented images While unclaimed darkness lurking in the shadows Waits to cast judgments upon our rejected and disowned image False projections cast reflections of unworthiness Disclaiming our own greatness With fear and self-doubt Unconsciously looking in… Read More ›

The Rope

The Rope There is a rope inside my mind. It has been there my entire life. I would tug it from time to time. But it was always difficult to climb. A braided rope, like you would see In a… Read More ›

My Inner Mind

My Inner Mind My mind is tripping, slipping, burning, yearning, screaming, tossing, turning and its going anywhere I can’t see. I am bleeding, dying, and I’m fading away into the dark abyss. I’m frightened what I might find within my… Read More ›

Food for Thought

Food for Thought Beef serves life in the slam noodles are shriveled and bagged the taste of syrup and bread bologna is fried lonely genetically preserved fruit bath dirty in a can These are things I know The cheese is… Read More ›

Cerebral Wildness

Excerpt from Journey To The Poetic Light Cerebral Wildness Oxymoronic To the edge of darkness In the landscape of the imagination Thoughts birthed to grow and form Where monsters sometime hide And demons whisper Brilliant ideas, images of death But… Read More ›